I will admit I was very nervous to take a group fitness class. I had been a regular exerciser (even running a half marathon at one point) most of my adult life, but I was not a joiner. My catering business had been experiencing a huge growth spurt and I “just didn’t have the time to exercise anymore.” Close to three years of no consistent exercise along with a lack of sleep, declining strength and a changing metabolism brought me to a place I was not happy with. I saw a post on Facebook about a TRX training camp and made a split second decision to message Tamara to sign up.

During my first class Tamara didn’t make a big deal about it being my first class and introduced me to the basics while continuing on and incorporating me in with the regular class format. I appreciated that along with the support of the other participants. Her coaching style is straight forward and each class is always well planned out to keep us on track time-wise and with our changing strength and fitness levels. We are able to be social, yet focused with the format she has developed. We are motivated and encouraged to become stronger through her professional workout style.

Major weight loss was not my motivating factor to join TRAin, but I have felt wonderful changes in my body and strength. My posture and flexibility have improved, my nagging muscle aches and pains have dissipated, I am leaner and my overall strength is allowing me to do things no self -prescribed workout ever did before. My pants fit comfortably again! Bonus!! I am very glad I decided to step out of my comfort zone and let an expert guide me. – Jane Fetting